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"I’ve soiled him! I’m ruined him! I’M A DIRTY DIRTY BOY!"

piZap Photo Collage

piZap Photo Collage

Home is where the Heart is

Home is where the Heart is

Happy Birthday Miyano Mamoru (^o^)


Hello there!!! So here is another GIVEAWAY!
This time there is only one giveaway, but it is very BIG one!
You can have:
- one HUGE (comparing to A4) marine bag
- one MakoHaru pillow
- five magazines with Free!
- three HUGE posters
ALL new and fresh!!
All you need is to reblog this post (no follow needed, but I will be happy if you do!).
It is international!!
Closing date: 23 July.
Please, reblog it!!!
And thank you very much for taking part!

kaneki ken for granny~ happy birthday! :3

Makoto Tachibana or Sebastian Michaelis? asked by hakuuryuus